Warren Lehrer

Audio CD of contemporary opera written and composed by Harvey Goldman and Warren Lehrer. Published by La La Music, 1992.

This full-length audio CD is a musical setting of attitudes and longings for voices and instruments. Nine pieces explore the search for the big ITs—power (Tag Yer IT), an AIDS cure (It Just Might Work), love (Hymn for Her), victory (I for an I), god (You and Me), material wealth (You Got Nothin), the ineffable (Something or Other); and other pronouns (They, He is a She Dog). A collaboration between Warren Lehrer and Harvey Goldman, this post-minimalist opera, has received some good airplay on new music radio programs throughout the country. Composed with the aid of midi-synthesis, the recording features Goldman and Lehrer on digital and acoustic instruments and voice, as well as baritone Alan Seale, sopranos Patricia Ruiz, Nina Heller and Angela DeCicco, extended vocals Stacy Schuman, spoken word Judith Sloan and Brother Blue. Includes 12 page booklet with complete lyrics.

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