Warren Lehrer

Working Cover Art

Written by Rick Black. Visualized by Warren Lehrer.
Projected pub date: 2025. Publisher TBA.
6.5” x 6.5” x 200 pages.

Grief is love with nowhere to go. Sometimes it gets locked up inside for years.
Letter Box: The Geometry of Loss is a unique, exquisite and powerful book that addresses how a person can deal with personal loss, feel the bottomless pain, yet manage to move on. Written by former New York Times reporter Rick Black, it is the story of a young man’s coming to grips with the unexpected death of his mother from cancer. The sparse prose—which consists of only a few words per page—is choreographed for the page by visual literature pioneer Warren Lehrer. His typographic settings give delicate and surprising form to the interior, emotional and metaphorical underpinnings of Black’s words. Together, the writing and visuals create a moving, beautiful, and distinctively cinematic book experience. Letter Box: The Geometry of Loss is a vehicle for readers of all ages to process their own emotions through a visual and literary odyssey. Self Help/Memoir/Poetry/Art.

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sample spreads