Warren Lehrer

Emigré 12, Press Time 1989, Eight page visual essay written and designed by Warren Lehrer and Philip Zimmermann. This issue of Emigre Magazine was devoted “to the art of pre-press and printing, featuring the work of graphic designers who utilize these disciplines as an integral part of the design process.” The issue included visual essays and poster designs by Allen Hori, Rudy VanderLans, and Warren Lehrer and Phil Zimmermann. It also included an essay by Ed McDonald about the life and work of H.N. Werkman, and a letterpress printed insert by Julie Holcomb.

Lehrer and Zimmermann’s essay and poster discusses the process of working in a fluid, hands-on approach to writing/designing and printing. It equates the mix of oil and water, and rotation of inky rollers inherent to offset lithography—to basic elements of nature, and to the revolution of the earth on its axis and orbit around the sun. It also compared Lehrer’s process working in the light of day with Zimmermann’s process (at the time) working in the darkroom.
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For the cover, Rudy VanderLans “randomly overprinted several of the inside signatures.”