Warren Lehrer

Charlie: A Narrative Portrait of Charlie Lang
Written and designed by Warren Lehrer.
Published 1995 by Bay Press
6.5” x 9.75” x 203 pages. Paperback. Four color cover. One interior (black).
Part of the Portrait Series.

This expressionist portrait of Charlie Lang, documents the gifted musician at a time when he was struggling to step outside the revolving door of a mental health system that defined and sustained him for over seventeen years. In a world that rewards strength over sensitivity, the protagonist’s exceptional intuitive powers are a blessing as well as a curse. Culled from years of friendship and conversation, this portrait book chronicles the journey of an imaginative, unconfinable spirit, in search of dignity, love, artistic expression and transcendence. Charlie’s poetic, sometimes harrowing, sometimes hilarious reflections bear witness to life in and out of hospitals, day treatment centers, half-way, and all-the-way housing. The text is illuminated by original drawings by Lang.

ISBN: 0-941920-34-8
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[includes: Brother Blue: A Narrative Portrait of Brother Blue; Nicky D. from L.I.C.: A Narrative Portrait of Nicholas Detommaso; Claude: A Narrative Portrait of Claude Debs; Charlie: A Narrative Portrait of Charles Lang]

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