Warren Lehrer

Music composed by Frank London, Libretto/Lyrics by Judith Sloan, Animated Visuals Warren Lehrer with assistance from Brandon Campbell.

This excerpt reel is from a December 2017 performance by the Queens College Choral Society and a 30 piece Orchestra under the Music Direction of James John. Featured soloists: tabla Deep Singh, erhu Feifei Yang, mezzo-soprano Linda Collazo, soprano Elizabeth Muñoz, tenor Deepak Marwah, baritone DeAndre Simmons. Spoken word performed by Judith Sloan in English with additional translations performed in Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic by Francis Madi Cerrada, Monna Sabouri, Alicia Waller, Kai Liu, Krussia. Performed at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts, Queens College.

1001 Voices: a Symphony for a New America is a three-movement symphony scored for orchestra, choir, actors, and visual projections. This multi-media orchestral work is about migration, transformation, and the search for home. It is a 21st century, musical/poetic expression of the challenges and aspirations of so many of today’s American cities and their inhabitants who hail from many different parts of the globe. It is inspired by stories of immigrants and refugees in Queens, NY—the most ethnically diverse locality in the United States. A work of beauty and insight, 1001 Voices serves as an antidote to the poisonous and flattening rhetoric about immigrants and refugees currently dividing the United States and the globe.

More excerpts and information about the project coming soon. . . .